In 2018 “The Problems of Literary Genres” is going to publish four volumes (3 of them concerning a selected theme):


1) – general genre issue with no specific dominant subject

Submissions to: 2018-01-31


2) culture of narcissism/exhibitionism

Exemplary topics: confession (genre) and its alternations in the participatory culture; the generality of authorship (self-publishing, social media, blogs, vlogs, etc.); autobiography and its boundaries; the magnitude of PR and marketing; publishing strategies and their role in reception, criticism and “vitality” of texts.

Submissions to: 2018-03-31



3) engaged culture/culture in danger

Exemplary topics: roles of culture and literature, but also journalism, in shaping social relations in the age of bottom-up social movements; engaged culture; engaging processes in culture; ideology in literature; (geo) policy, civic journalism, rhetoric and ideological engagement, new journalism; discourse of power; critical potential of genres such as parody or pastiche, but also novels or engagement poetry.

Submissions to: 2018-05-31



4) monstrous culture/ monsters in culture

Exemplary topics: the Gothic convention and its newest incarnations; the evolution of gothic figures of monstrosity and monstrous bodies – appropriated and appropriated bodies; Gothicism and gender and sexuality; transformation / hybridization of the Gothic genre; Gothic convention in such categories as repulsion, nostalgia, transgression; Gothic narratives – innovations and repetitions; relations between Gothicism and current socio-political context; the impact of the Gothic convention on the rhetoric of political debate; Gothic issues on the meta-level; cultural circularity of the Gothic themed media – fandoms, social media, specialist magazines.

Submissions to: 2018-08-31



Please, send the submissions electronically to

For further information, please see Editorial Guidelines.



Zagadnienia Rodzajów Literackich

The Problems of Literary Genres


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