Opetus – My teaching

Olen opettanut Italian kieltä (CEFR A1-B2), kielioppia, historiaa ja yhteiskuntaa sekä kirjallisuutta mm Helsingin yliopistossa. Lisäksi olen pitänyt useita yleisöluentoja esimerkiksi Helsingin työväenopistossa. Tuottamaani opetusmateriaalia löydät näiltä sivuilta. Opetusfilosofiani löytyy täältä: Selvitys opetuksellisesta asiantuntijuudesta

I have taught Italian literature, history and society as well as grammar and different language courses (CEFR A1-B2) at the University of Helsinki – among others. I have also given several public talks and public lecture series for instance in the Open college of Helsinki. I have downloaded to these pages all kind of material I have produced for my courses and lectures.

Here is my teaching philosophy briefly:

As a teacher, I consider myself more as a mentor or tutor. Today, university teacher’s task is not just distributing information, but to indicate to students where they can find it, and to teach them to approach it critically.

Teaching means also educating. My motto is “ECCI”, namely I try to educate my students to be ‘enterprising’, ‘critical’, ‘courageous’ and ‘innovative’. Of course, it is not always easy, as we are dealing mainly with young adults.

My method consists basically of support and positive encouragement, in other words, I try to find the strength of each student and emphasize it.

On the basis of students’ feedback, I have succeeded quite well. Please contact me for references.